GENERAL ELECTION: Tuesday, November 4, 2014
POLLS OPEN: 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Fighting For Change —
Neil Breslin is a Reformer

Opening the Doors of Government

Senator Breslin sponsored legislation (S.6846/A9928) which passed both houses to establish recordkeeping policies and procedures preserving the records of the governor and the executive chamber. In addition, Senator Breslin was instrumental in transforming the rules of the New York State Senate to open up the legislative process making it more accountable and inclusive. All members—regardless of party—have equal access to the Senate’s resources and have the ability to advance legislation.

Making Government More Responsible
to Taxpayers

Working with his colleagues, Senator Breslin help to reform New York City school governance, dragged Public Authorities into the light, helped to consolidate local governments and services and created a new tier in the state pension system to save billions of hard-earned taxpayer money.

Taking Politics Out of the Process

Senator Breslin is a champion of ethics reform. He is the sponsor of legislation that, when enacted, will be the toughest ethics and campaign finance law in a generation.

Making Health Insurance Accessible to All

Senator Breslin is a staunch supporter of President Obama’s health care reform legislation and as chair of the Senate Insurance Committee has championed major changes that increase access to health insurance for all New Yorkers. Senator Breslin guided a number of bills which are now law. S.8088/A.11369 requires that insurance companies receive prior approval from the New York State Insurance Department before increasing health insurance premiums. S. 8358/A.11555 insures that all independent works including folks who work full-time for an employer on a temporary basis and domestic workers such as nannies have access to uninterrupted and affordable health insurance. S. 5111/A.8215 helps provide more affordable health insurance to volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers by giving them the option of purchasing their health insurance through their local municipality.

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